Endorphins Rising FAQ
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Why suspension?

In short, because it provides an amazing and pleasurable experience!

There are lots of reasons for which people suspend, probably as many as
suspendees. Some suspend to confront their fears, some suspend to share a
beautiful moment with friends, some suspend because they want to fly, some
suspend in order to explore new sensations and widen their senses, some suspend
because it allows them to unit their body and mind, some use suspension as a
means to enhance their spiriruality, some suspend in search for escapism
without drugs, some suspend because they are in quest for intensity, and the
list goes on and on!

Does it hurt?

« Yes. No, A little. Not so much. It depends… »

It's a difficult question to answer, because so many things vary : everyone is
different, feels different ; every context is different, every position
generates different sensations, and everyone responds to it uniquely.

One thing is sure though: there is some amount of pain or at least disconfort.
It is part of the experience, but it is only temporary, and it fades away
quickly during suspension, as other sensations come into play. The satisfaction
is usually so intense that most people totally forget that it hurt a little in
the first place. A lot of people say that tattooing is a more painful
experience than suspension.

I have little to no piercings or tattoos, can I try suspension?

Absolutely! We regularly suspend people who have no such things, who don't
necesseraly want to modify their body, and who appreciate the temporary aspect
of suspension for that reason.

For historical and practical reasons, contemporary suspension remains tied to
the piercing, tattoo and body modification communities. However, one does not
need to be part of these to try out suspension!

Will I get scars or other permanent marks from suspending?

Technically, yes, but the scars are minimal, near invisible in most cases
(we're talking about a round shaped of a few milimeters at most). This can vary
a lot from one person to another, depending on people's skin, the location of
the hooks and the type of suspension. In any case, the marks all fade away with

If you are looking for visible scars to adorn, we suggest you look for a
qualified scarification artist, which is a whole different practice.

I don't want to suspend in public, can I do it privately?

Yes! We are happy to organize private suspensions upon request. We feel this is
one of the best ways to start suspending, without peer pressure. A minimum of
three team members is required to facilitate the suspension, however.

What happens when you suspend someone?

We first take time to answer all questions you may have. We agree on a
suspension project and define a time and day, so you can organize with a friend
if you want someone to come with you, and we can mobilize our team. On said
date, after introducing ourselves and getting to know each other a little bit,
we recapitulate and go!

We are with you always. We guide you through the whole process : skin cleaning
and asepsis, breathing, piercing, passing and securing the hooks, lacing them
onto the rig, making sure you are okay and hydrated, calming down, breathing
and walking together in a motion as we slowly put some tension… until the
moment is right and we pull you up so you can enjoy the endorphins high! 

Up in the air, we're still there with you, helping you fly the way you want to,
back and worth, rotating, rocking, pushing lightly or strongly against the
walls or against the ground, whatever you choose to try! Once you feel like
going down, we remove the hooks, massage some air out of your wounds, clean and
dress them, and off you go!

We respect very strict protocols when it comes to security (prevention of cross
contamination, ensuring a large safety margin with the workload for all
equipment we use, etc.), but we are very flexible with how you want the
suspension to go. We like to adapt to your desires, curiosity and spontaneity,
and this is part of what makes every suspension different and magical : you
never truly know what to expect :)

How do I need to prepare myself?

A good night of sleep should be sufficient for most people. We just ask
participants to restrain from consuming any kind of drugs and/or alcohol on the
day of the suspension. We reserver the right to refuse to suspend anyone who is
obviously under the influence of drugs upon starting.

Prior to the suspension, we conduct a little interview to determine whether or
not one has conditions that could require medical advice or advise caution,
just like we would for a piercing or a tattoo.

How much does a suspension cost?

We ask for a financial contribution in order to cover logistical and hardware
costs. Price vary, depending upon the number of participants & the type of
suspension(s), with an estimated 150 to 400€ scale in most cases.

Money we collect allows us to renew our supplies and invest in new structures,
hooks and tools. We also use these funds to help some of our members travel to
suscons or community events, and pay for hygiene and security training for the
whole group.

How do I contact you?

Over e-mail at rising AT subcutis DOT net, through Facebook at 
facebook.com/endorphinsrising or by passing directly at the body modification
studio we are based at in Dijon, France : MU body arts.

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